Taking the Oath on Graduation Day in 2019

Graduation and Taking the Oath Ceremony of the students of Α.S.T.P  in Rhodes

In an emotional atmosphere, an important cycle came to an end for the 50 graduates of the Advanced School of Tourism Professions of Rhodes, with the Graduation Ceremony and awarding of degrees, which took place on Thursday, January 31 2019, at the ASTER events venue.

The ceremony was opened by the Director of the faculty Dr. Kyriakos Petakos, who before the

administrative and teaching staff, the students of the School and many other people in the  crowded events room, welcomed everybody and congratulated the students for their successful completion of their studies. Dr. Petakos, spoke about the very significant contribution of ASTPR to the tourism  industry of the country, as the School constitutes a hatchery of  future professional and successful members of the tourism  sector , offering the necessary knowledge and suitable education to the students who are visionaries of a qualitative and competitive Greek tourism product. Concluding his speech, the Director of the School stressed that as graduates from ASTP of Rhodes, the constitute members of a community, which will have education as a common point of reference , not only in knowledge but also in values which they received during their studies, stressing the fact that the doors of the School will always be open for them.

Then, everyone's attention was focused on the oath that the graduates were called to take, which states:

"I swear and conscientiously assure the representatives of the state and the bodies of the School, that I will serve worthily and faithfully the struggling hospitality, according to what I was taught at ASTPR and from whatever position I am as a responsible professional, in the general interest of my homeland, the Tourism industry and the expectations of the School.

I will impartially and with all my strength serve National Independence, Peace, Democracy and Social Justice, always respecting the Constitution and the Laws of the State and I will fight with dedication for the preservation and continuation of  the ideals, traditions and customs of our Nation "

The ceremony ended with the awarding of the Diplomas to the graduates, by the teaching staff, in a festive atmosphere prepared by the School to honour both themselves and their families, friends and relatives. At the end of the event followed a buffet, for all attendees.