The Advanced School of Tourism Education of Rhodes (ASTER) was established in 1956, since then it has been operating purely as a hotel school in the standards of the respective hotel school of Lausanne.

ASTER was established, in Greece, at a time of a complete void in the field of advanced hotel education.  The establishment of ASTER coincided with the development of tourism and the hotel industry in Greece as a result its graduates staff the largest hotel complexes in our country.

The contribution of ASTER’s graduates from the mid-60s to the present is very important in the development of the hotel industry (hospitality), not only because they staff hotels with excellent professionally trained management staff but also because it contributes to the staffing of other companies active in the general tourism sector.

In addition to the wider tourism sector, the graduates of the School are active in the field of tourism education, staffing departments in the sector of tourism in technical vocational high schools, IEK, while several of them have occupied positions of teaching staff in Greek and international higher education institutions.

ASTER graduates having undergone professional training, gained the trust of the hotel industry, as a result they are preferred over other graduates, as evidenced by the fact that hundreds of hotel companies have been staffed and run by graduates of the School.

Year One

  • A combination of practice and theory that gives a complete picture of the tourism product and hospitality. Having completed the end of the first and the second semester, during the summer period, there is a 3-month remunerated internship.During the first semester special emphasis is placed on food and beverage modules, cooking, housekeeping as well as hospitality, in order to develop a tourism concept as well as a professional spirit.


Year Two

  • Students work on modules such as hotel management, Front office, hospitality, tourist geography, financial analysis, human resource management, research and marketing.
  • Workshops as well as the infrastructure of the School, give students the opportunity to access the object of the hotel product.


Year Three

  • Students enter a higher level gaining higher analytical skills as they are challenged by theories and practices with the aim of becoming managers of middle and high level professional hierarchy.
  • This year the focus is placed on modules such as strategic management, financial management, rules of law, convention venues in general, new technologies and entrepreneurship.
  • 7th semester: Thesis


ASTER offers:

  • Lectures/ Training/Workshops/Seminars/Symposiums/Guest speakers
  • Creation of tourist philosophy, tourist conscious and attitude
  • Educational writings of contemporary hotel-tourist bibliography
  • Group thought& learning/cooperation, critical thinking, problem solving, projects, case studies, time management, team spirit.


 Studies show:

  • 87% of ASTER graduates find a job immediately upon graduation
  • by the age of 24 they have been professionally rehabilitated
  • 29% of graduates have managed to climb higher positions in the same period
  • 82% of hotel companies prefer ASTER graduates in relation to other Faculty graduates.