Graduate Professional Rights

Graduate Professional Rights

Vocational Rehabilitation – Graduates’ Professional Rights

The graduate is now provided with the necessary scientific, technological knowledge and skills to be able to work professionally in all areas of his studies.

The graduate has the same professional rights as the graduates of  TEI, Department of Tourism Business.

More specifically, the graduate has the necessary scientific, technological knowledge and skills in the following:

  • Catering of hotels and catering units in general.

  • Supply of food, beverages and equipment.

  • Tourism business planning.

  • Financing of tourism businesses.

  • Keeping customer accounts (MAIN COURANTE)

  • Floor supervision.

  • Preparation of revenue - expenditure budgets.

  • Supervising and administrating  the staff of tourism companies.

  • Market research, sales, tourism goods and services. Management of food businesses (restaurants, cafes, etc.), bars,    entertainment centres and canteens in tourist areas belonging to the Luxury and A categories '.

  • Planning and execution of mass movement of people.

  • Directing travelling groups(TOUR LEADERS).

  • The graduates of the department carry out activities related to tourism, travel, etc. departments of air shipping, railway  companies, banks, etc.

  • Exercising the profession of  a manager, responsible for travel agencies.

  • Provision of services to Supervising Directorate of the National Tourist Board and other administrative and food  Directorates.

  • Preparation of feasibility studies for the establishment - expansion of tourism enterprises

  • They cover the whole range of the administrative hierarchy, relevant to their specialty.

  • They are engaged in education, in accordance with the current legislation.

  • They can engage in research on topics of their specialty

  • The graduates of the department, upon obtaining their degree, have the right to practise   the  profession either as unit  executives or as self-employed in the context of  the above professional rights

  • They are hired in the Public Sector, in positions of Higher Education graduates.


  • They have the right of registration after qualifying examinations in several departments of the   Universities of Aegean, Athens, Piraeus, Macedonia, Panteion, Crete, in the Department of Information Technology, University of Piraeus, Department of Economics, Department of Marketing and Communication, University of Athens, Department of Public Administration, Panteion, etc. for further studies.·
  • Possibility to attend Postgraduate programs Abroad or admission to the last semester of ATEI for the possibility of attending Postgraduate programs in Greek Universities.